Magical study trips – Explore Finnish Education

Tailor-made experiences for your group:

Study trip content and agenda will be designed especially for your groups’ needs.

Where: Helsinki & capital area 

Study trip includes:

  • Tailored agenda for 5 days study trip 
  • Educational experts hosting the whole trip
  • Unforgettable school visits ( 5-6 different schools )
  • Goal oriented holistic working methods with digital materials during the trip
  • Engaging lectures and advanced workshops run by educational experts
  • Research overview
  • Discussion/question time with teachers, principals and students
  • Transportation during the the whole trip
  • Coffee & lunches
  • Traditional Finnish experiences (2) in the evening time
  • One special dinner
  • Networking possibilities with educational experts

Target groups:

The whole education sector e.g.

  • Decision makers
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Anyone who is interested to explore and learn one of the best education systems in the World.

Tailor-made tracks:

You can choose one track based on your interest or it’s possible to mix the tracks. if wanted, see and feel all different school levels in one trip.


  • Early Childhood Education (0-6-year olds, pre-primary)
  • Basic Education (primary, secondary: 7-15 -year-olds)
  • Upper Secondary Education (16 – 20 -year-olds)
    • General upper secondary 
    • Vocational qualifications


Experts sessions (themes during the trip): 

  • Will be planned based on interests of the group 
    • Pre-survey and interview with contact persons
  • Possible themes are for example: phenomenal learning, digital learning, leadership, personal learning
  • We can fulfil your wishes!


To explore and learn about Finnish magic – our education system.
To see by yourself how students and teachers are working at schools
To feel schools’ atmosphere and values
To see interesting school architecture
To understand how schools are run
To deepen knowledge and interests through expert lessons and workshops
To adapt parts of Finnish education magic so implementation of ideas and practices are possible in your home country
To network and share ideas


The whole study trip is designed based on phenomenal learning process and collaborative learning methods. Technology will be used throughout the process.

Pricing and Information:

Please contact us for pricing or additional information.

If required we can assist you in finding the perfect accommodation. There are a lot of options available from our partners in different categories.

For additional information and booking

Niina Halonen

Niina Halonen

M.Ed., PhD Researcher in University of Helsinki


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